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About us

Ardanis is a software and technology consultancy located in Dublin, Ireland. We started out as a group of software engineers and architects who have a shared of vision of how software should be built. Over the years we have seen and experienced the good and the bad of software development. We use our experiences to help businesses create great software to fulfil their customer’s needs.

our team members

Ivan Goor

Founding Partner

Kostas Konstantinidis

Founding Partner

Stefan Goor

Founding Partner

Lei Yu

Founding Partner

Brian Flynn

Founding Partner

Kateryna Purchel

Software developer

Gregory Sorushanov

Senior Full Stack Engineer


Ardanis simplifies software development by combining agile processes, evolutionary architecture and automation. We help businesses design, develop and deploy software they can build their future on. We believe that simple and elegant solutions are the driving force of successful businesses and as such we employ high-level coding standard and practices to achieve that. Our experienced and skilled team provides a friendly and encouraging atmosphere which offers an excellent opportunity for candidates to develop their career!

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